Product Improvement Program

( SPONTist )

Now, Product Improvement Program is NOT available for English version SPONTist.

The Product Improvement Program uses the provided anonymous information to improve the product.

The Product Improvement Program automatically sends anonymous information about how this app is being used.

Only anonymous learning progress information is sent.

It does not include information that identifies individuals and devices.

The anonymous information you provide will be used to improve product quality.

The anonymous information will not be disclosed to the outside without a warrant from a public authority such as a court.

Statistical data may be created by aggregating and statistically processing each anonymous information.

Each anonymous information is not identified, specified or restored from statistical data.

We ( Publinuts ) can use statistical data without restriction. Statistical data will be used widely and meaningfully for product quality improvement, educational environment improvement and academic research.

Cooperation in this Product Improvement Program is voluntary.


Participating in this Product Improvement Program will allow you to use some of the advanced features of lesson as benefits (some lesson do not have benefits).